My marvellous moustacheI got rid of that very outdated kind-of wishlist because I have an important announcement to make.

If you don't know anything about Movember then click that link and find out about it, then come back here and sponsor me! My idea is that after a month's moustache growth it would be fun to see if I could raise more money to actually keep the darn thing or to shave it off (and for bonus points, what kind of cultural influences come in to play?).

Anyway you'll be glad to know you can now participate in this little experiment and give money to charity at the same time. "But how?" I hear you ask. Dead easy, you just need a credit card and an internet connection, which you have because you're reading this. Unless you are internet-psychic or something.

So all you have to do is pick your country of residence, click on the option you prefer and get your wallet out. If you're feeling competitive you can see the running totals by country and option as well.

FranceShave it!Keep it!
UKShave it!Keep it!
IrelandShave it!Keep it!

No donation too small, all funds raised go to the Movember Foundation for cancer research (in Ireland and the UK) or l'Association pour la Recherche sur le Cancer (France) and are respectively gift-aid-able or tax-deductable.

If your country isn't on that list, just pick your favourite one from the choices available, your gift will still count you just won't get the tax benefits. Or pick a charity closer to you and give them some money and tell me about it, I'll add you to the total.

The small print: Jenni hates my new look so it is highly likely that this weekend will see me contributing a second-hand moustache to our local charity shop whatever the results from my experiment, although maybe if I get a million pounds or something she'll let me keep it a few more days.