South Africa - 5 day safari trip in Kruger National Park

Haenertsburg Haenertsburg Log Cabin Just before sunrise at Sirheni Rest Camp Sunrise at Sirheni Rest Camp Our first crocodile... yikes! A stork and a bunch of crocs Southern yellow billed hornbill Hungry crocodile! Sirheni rest camp - lovely! One of our neighbours! A female Nyala A herd of thirsty elephants An Irish bird Aaargh! Elephant... Excuse me Mr. Elephant, we'd like to get past! A very curious giraffe! Zebra Giraffe and zebra in perfect harmony Thirsty elephants Where the buffalo roam... A leopard... tortoise! A blue shiny bird A lone giraffe A stork Ulp... a crocodile! Krguer park (a dried up river) Heaps of hippos An impala A baboon Buffalo and birds A vervet monkey The southernmost Baobab tree Lion eating his kill A common duiker A male Nyala A herd of zebra See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil! A fish eagle Hungry Warthogs Leaping monkey A herd of wildebeest Blue headed lizard Lizard on a rock Big bird! Rhino under a tree Leopard lying on a branch What our leopard would have looked like close up! James, Andy, Patrick, Liz, Laura, Jenni, Robbie and Andrew at the airport Andy after spotting his leopard Jenni after spotting her rhino